Pack your bags and let’s take a trip to Egypt

Source: Business Daily
September 18, 2008: If ancient Christian history gives you an adrenaline rush, there is a lot in store for you in November.

Have you ever dreamt of visiting the cradle of civilization; the land of the Pharaohs or sightseeing in the holy city of Jerusalem?

The safari is fully arranged, from the visa to travel to the amazing sights. Angaza Ecological Safaris will this November take tourists on the historic journey.

“We thought of Egypt and Israel because we realized this was a niche product for the Christian community. The two countries also have a very rich culture and history,” said Stephen Opondo, the managing director.

One cannot talk of Egypt without visiting the pyramids — one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the famous museums full of antiques from the Pharaoh epoch or the famous Nile Valley, which is part of the tour.

An interesting detour is the essence factory where fragrances are manufactured. And the Dead Sea is to Israel’s tourism what the Mara is to Kenya. After three days in Egypt, tourists will proceed to Israel via the Suez Canal on a 12 days journey, which commences on November 3.

Mr Opondo says about 40 tourists have already confirmed their travel plans with extra space still available for 15 more.

Since the tour company commenced the expedition in 2006, 100 tourists have visited the two countries.

“We have been forced to make the travel bi-annual for easier management owing to the large groups,” says Mr Opondo. The next trip is scheduled for April 2009.

The entire cost of the trip is Sh115, 000. Another tour firm that has such a programme is Lindeberg Holidays and Safaris, which extends the itinerary to the fortress of Babylon in Iraq.